DiQi is a fair, equitable, public virtual token payment platform

DiQi (pronounced ‘dee-chi’) has devoted its efforts in establishing an open virtual token platform that allows secure swift verified transactions, with low handling fees. Its virtual tokens can connect with all kinds of values and records in the real world—for example member points, or financial instruments.

DiQi has improved open-source blockchain technology and created a new-generation payment platform infrastructure.

Issue your own currency

Issue your virtual tokens and virtual financial products.

Secure transaction confirmed in seconds

An account ledger that cannot be tampered with. Safeguard your transaction record and virtual token with blockchain.

Fast jointly verified transactions

DiQi has the capacity to handle an enormously greater number of transactions than Bitcoin.

Low fees

Extremely low or zero transaction handling fees, including international payment transactions.

Swift peer-to-peer transactions

Share your virtual tokens with your friends, family, or business partners in the blink of an eye.

Integrated ecosystem

Open API and tools for developers and issuers.

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The DiQi platform is based on blockchain technology, which is also the underlying technology for Bitcoin. DiQi has an ingenious re-engineered blockchain offering enhanced functionality and limitless potential for expansion.

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The DiQi Wallet app

The secure and fast DiQi wallet can be used to store different types of virtual coins on the DiQi platform. We’ve put all our energy into creating a state-of-the-art wallet for DiQi users.

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About Us

We’re just some silly people with the wild idea of using blockchain technology to change the world!

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