DiQi provides a set of blockchain services for individual / developer / business customers. For individual users, Asset Bag and Asset Marketplace serve as a vehicle to safely store, transfer, and trade digital assets.

For developer / business users, DiQi Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Asset Flow offer a swift and secure solution for smart asset trading platform.

DiQi also provides its blockchain APIs and development kits, enabling a comprehensive ecosystem of digital finance and blockchain to be established by market visionaries.

DiQi Blockchain-as-a-Service, DiQi BaaS

DiQi Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows developers / business users to issue digital asset through its blockchain AP. It is a value transfer platform with high efficiency,and minimized counterparty risk. It enables Internet-of-Value services via digital smart contracts for the assets on blockchain. DiQi provides consortium blockchain as well as private blockchain solution. Consortium or private blockchain are ideal for controlled system, allowing these systems to maximizing their marginal profits. The DiQi Blockchain Explorer offers advanced in-depth look into on-chain transaction, accelerating business decision making with the power of big data.

Asset Bag

DiQi Asset Bag serves as a digital wallet to efficiently manage assets on blockchain. Asset Bag supports the web, Android and iPhone.Peer-to-peer transaction services based on blockchain technology guarantee fast and safe transfer of on-chain digital assets, making online asset trading easy and convenient.

Asset Marketplace

DiQi Asset Marketplace is a decentralized trading platform built on top of cryptographics-protected DiQi blockchain.Leveraging the smart contract feature of blockchain, its automated contract execution capability work without an escrow service from a trusted third party. Asset Marketplace offers multiple trading types, e.g. market orders matching, limit orders matching, and private orders matching, etc.

Asset Flow

All kinds of issuers are welcome to join our alliance. Your accumulated points, bonus points, virtual assets, or any virtual currency or electronic financial product can be stored on the DiQi blockchain.

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The DiQi blockchain uses improved Bitcoin blockchain technology that delivers enhanced security and higher transaction throughput.

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